The CHA Story

Founded in 1997 as an alternative approach to traditional real estate development, Creative Housing Associates, LLC (CHA) is a neighborhood and transit-oriented builder. We model ourself after the historic concept of the town builder - a partner to the community and facilitator for growth and maturity in alignment with local values. Since our inception, we have focused on building small-town downtowns near transit stations, to encourage accessibility to diverse, vibrant neighborhoods, while de-emphasizing automobile use. 

In numerous of public/private partnerships, CHA has teamed up with municipalities and transportation agencies, in order to bring forth some of California's most respected and tasteful civic revitalizations. In 2006, CHA's Mission Meridian Village in South Pasadena won several coveted awards including the Congress for New Urbanism's "Charter Award" and "Best Transit-Oriented Project" by the Urban Land Institute. 

CHA prides itself in the ethos of not building units, but homes and spaces for people to live, create and commune. It engages renowned architects to thoughtfully design every project, delicately integrating new development with existing structures. Great value is placed in renovating historic districts, with extensive experience in applying sensitivity to historic buildings through adaptive reuse and even site transfers. 

In every endeavor, CHA is unwavering in its commitment to listen to communities, respect traditions and build consensus. We often commit to local hiring provisions to offer professional opportunities and training to at-risk populations and to ensure direct investments to the community. To this end, Michael Dieden, CHA's President, founded the non-governmental organization PVJOBS in 1998 and served as the first President in what has now become a national leader among exemplary hiring halls that offer technical training and living wages to at-risk populations.